ASUS’ geometric Windows Mixed Reality Headset is the best design yet

    When it comes to mixed reality (virtual reality, augmented reality) headsets, there’s now a laundry list of available options. When it comes to best of VR, the two top options are Facebook’s Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, followed by the Sony PlayStation VR. When it comes to AR, there’s Microsoft’s HoloLens, then everything else.

    Even with the recent price drops, mixed reality is still too expensive for mainstream consumers, so there’s now a slew of MR headsets from providers like HP, Acer, Dell.

    The latest addition to the market options is coming from ASUS and their Windows Mixed Reality Headset looks fantastic. The front of the headset features a refreshingly unique geometric design, integrating 2 front-facing camera for environment mapping and tracking. There’s also the complimentary and now expected hand controllers.

    The headset was revealed this week in Berlin at the IFA conference where they explained their focus on comfort and have reduced the weight to under 400grams. Asus has also innovated on the design of the VR headset, with a welding-helmet style 90-degree flip up when you need to see the real world. This is awesome as anyone who’s used a VR headset before will know, often to launch the experience or alter things on your PC, you need to see your physical keyboard and mouse.

    Watch the IFA announcement here.

    Here’s the reveal trailer from ASUS.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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