Audi’s e-tron Vision GT is actually getting made and it looks fantastic

This is what race cars should look like. Audi’s e-tron started life as a concept car, but is becoming a reality with the company announcing it’ll feature at Formula E events. There’s an obvious alignment being an all-electric vehicle at an all-electric race, but this looks amazing, the designers at Audi have really outdone themselves.

Big aero kit, big wheels, big wing and that aggressive widebody that pumps up its chest and demands attention. While I wish this car was available in all racing games, in the short-term its available now in Grand Turismo Sport on the PlayStation.

Known as the e-tron Vision Gran Turismo (Vision GT for short), its powered by not one, not two, but three electric motors, combining for around 600kW. Rather than a typical front and back engine like the Tesla P100D, Audi went with 2 on the rear axle, and the third at the front. Tipping the scales at just 1,450kg, the concept car is light, despite housing the heavy batteries, its power-to-weight ratio is ridiculous.

The car is set to debut at the Formula E E-Prix in Rome in just a few days (April 14th). If you’re anywhere close to that, I suggest you book a plane ticket, or schedule a road trip, because this car looks an awful lot like the future of racing. Let’s hope they make a road variant as well.



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