Aussie Kickstarter has a new take on the clock, meet The Light Clock

There’s always plenty of new and exciting ways to make your home smarter, leveraging new technology to make things faster, smarter and better. A couple of talented Aussie inventors Chris and Joe have leveraged their experience in industrial and manufacturing engineering, information systems and digital media to produce a brand new platform for time.

Introducing The Light Clock.

This is a clock with a dramatic difference, it has no hands. Instead, the pair decided to leverage the power of light to indicate the time of day. The Light Clock uses 120 individual LEDs, with each able to display over 16 million colours. This lets you set the clock to display your favourite colours or just pick 2 colours that match your mood. Of course you’d do this via a mobile app that connects to the clock via WiFi.

The clock works by having one colour represent the hour position and the second colour representing the minutes. There’s plenty of configuration options including Blending between the Colours, Brightness, Night Mode, Seconds Hand and support for different Time Zones.

Chris and Joe

A benefit of having now hands on the face of the clock is that you can customise the clock face and transform it into a piece of art that not only looks great, but is also functional. Something that is seriously appreciated is the ability to create your own Light Clock. This won’t be for everyone, but for those creatives out there, you can jump over the ‘build your own’ section of their website and download the project’s code is published on instructions for wiring up your own Arduino, as well as the GitHub repository that contains the code to make the project work.

Even more impressive is that that the .STL CAD file is also available for those with a 3D printer (or those who wish to use services like Shapeways) to print their own clock surrounds. Seriously, massive props to the guys for being so transparent and open with these designs, something we’d like to see more inventors do.

For those that want a helping hand and get one through backing the Kickstarter, there’s a USB port available on the back of the device for users to upload their custom software and add their own customisations.

A possibility

Since launching this week, The Light Clock kickstarter has achieved $14,175 of their $30,000 goal. There’s currently 28 days to go, so make sure you jump on-board if you like the idea have having a unique clock that’ll definitely be a conversation starter when your friends come over.

The clock starts at $199 (US$145) and ships worldwide. The project, if successful, is expected to ship in May of 2016.

More information at Kickstarter, best of luck guys!

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