Aussie LuminAuz to reveal electroluminescent Zonda at Tokyo Auto Salon


Update: The 7-layer process is now complete and the car looks fantastic, LuminAuz have certainly created a one of a kind Zonda.

Zonda with Luminescent paint

Australian company LuminAuz is doing something pretty special. Less than a year since Nick Hart started the company, LuminAuz is about to reveal a Pagani Zonda, one of the world’s top hypercars, painted in electroluminescent paint at the Tokyo Auto Salon tomorrow.

Electroluminescent paint contains a closed encapsulated circuit, an LEC (Light Emitting Capacitor) and the conductivity, resistance, insulator, properties in the layers must be perfect. This allows the paint to receive an electric charge to emit light, giving the car, helmet or anything it’s painted on, a seriously unique look that’ll make you really stand out at night.

LuminAuz tell us there is one other company, Lumilor doing this, however they are US-based and their paint is a lot dimmer. LuminAuz are leading the world with this technology and are the only ones to offer the ability to change the colour of your paint, with a remote control.

Pictured below is co-owner Tim Gray and Nick Hart, showing their technology can be applied to a range of objects, including motorbike helmets. Personally I’d love to see the back of my Surface Pro 3 coated in this paint.


For more information at LuminAuz.

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