Australia gets white iPhone 4 before US.

After many, many months of waiting, Apple have finally sorted out the production issues with the white iPhone 4. As you can see from the images below, they had to modify the top section of the phone to allow the sensors to work correctly with the white face. Apparently sensing proximity is easy through black, hard through white, still its finally here.

Its April 28th in Australia and our Apple’s front page looks like this..


While the US version looks like this..


It’s not often Australia gets new products (I say new product, but really mean new colour) before the US. That said, we’ll take our little time zone victories where we can get them. I’m pretty sure at this point everyone who was going to get an iPhone4 already has a black one and is tied into a contract. Most iPhone users will wait till iPhone 5 before upgrading.. who knows, maybe the iPhone 5 will come in another colour..


Turns out if you try and actually buy a white iPhone 4, you can’t, at least not yet. There’s currently no option to select the white version. Am sure it won’t be long, but looks like the front page went live a little early.


Update 2
Vodafone has posted a list of retail stores that are stocking the white iPhone 4 –®-iphone™-4-white-store-list/

More info @

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