Australia Post now using digital notifications for missed deliveries

    As we order more goods online, Australia Post’s business has changed considerably from letters to parcels. We’ve all had that annoying experience of arriving home from work and getting the missed delivery card under the welcome mat.

    This week Australia Post changed digital notifications to advise of an attempted delivery, instead of leaving a paper card.

    These notifications will let you know that a delivery was attempted and the reason why it couldn’t be completed. Along with avoiding the waste associated with thousands of pieces of cardboard, there’s also an advantage for the customer.

    Receiving a notification digitally allows you to have the necessary information at work and deal with it on the way home from work, rather than finding the missed delivery card and then finding you were too late to collect it.

    The notification will provide information on when your parcel is ready for collection at the post office or a nearby collection point. These will be sent via email, SMS or through the AusPost app. If you use the app, you’ll also get a one-off QR code specific to that parcel. 

    All you need to do is simply show the notification, the QR code (for app users) and suitable ID at the Post Office to collect your parcel.

    If you fail to collect the parcel in 5 business days, you’ll get a reminder on day 5 if your parcel hasn’t been collected. It will be kept up to 10 business days before being returned to the sender if it isn’t collected.

    If you’re not a MyPost customer, you should sign up, but those who don’t like elderly parents etc, will still get a card.

    Why the change?

    Australia Post is going digital for a few reasons:

    • To make it easier for you to manage missed parcel deliveries
    • To resolve the issue of cards getting missed, lost or damaged
    • To reduce our use of paper as part of our sustainability commitment
    • To speed up deliveries for a better customer experience

    How will I know the notification isn’t a scam? 

    If you’re unsure whether a notification is genuinely from Australia Post, remember they will never:  

    • Ask for any personal or financial details
    • Ask for payment of any kind for any reason
    • Ask you to click on a link to redeem your parcel

    The most secure way to get notifications is through the AusPost app.

    What you need to do

    If you’re already a MyPost customer, you’ll have received an email explaining the change. Those who are not yet signed up, you can do so at

    While you’re there, make sure your details are up to date, including your address and phone number so these can be matched to your parcel to your account. 

    Tip: Add any other email addresses that you use for online shopping to your MyPost account. This will help us automatically match other parcels to your account.

    You can choose whether you’d prefer to receive digital notifications by email, SMS or the AusPost app by selecting your notification preferences. Some notifications must be sent by email and can’t be turned off, like the Awaiting Collection notification. 

    To access your MyPost account or update your details, click here. 

    You can also visit digital parcel collection notifications for more information.  

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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