Australia Post to launch Digital MailBox this month

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AusPost has been long in the creation of a Digital MailBox for user of Australia, and plans to launch the services by the end of this month.

The idea of the Digital MailBox is to help you stay on top of things and the service offers three main functions:

  • Receive important mail
  • Pay your bills easily
  • Store all your important documents


As it sounds, the service will allow you to receive most of your bills (such as Gas, Electricity, Phone, Internet, Credit Card) in one secure place and easily pay them online. Security is a big issue with having all your eggs in the one basket, so Australia Post has ensured security is the number one priority and will support multi-factor authentication and data encryption.

The service will be free for users, and is hosted on Telstra’s cloud infrastructure. Whether or not this service is adopted by many Australian’s, it will be interesting to see how it pans out.

If you would like to be the first to hear about Digital MailBox, you can register your interest.  Keep in mind, this is a different service offered by competitor Digital Post Australia who were sued by Australia post for the name.

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