Australian Gov releases source code for CovidSafe app as promised

There’s been much hype about the Government releasing the source code for the CovidSafe app. That checkbox has now been completed, with the GitHub repository containing the code for the Android and iOS app, now publicly available.

The code that runs the app on your phone will now be poured over to ensure there’s no vulnerabilities. Given the limited permission requests and information requested on signup, the potential for bugs is fairly low, but having people investigate it is essential in providing confidence to all that it works as advertised.

When accessing the CovidSafe source code, you are asked to agree to Terms and Conditions for accessing the code. One of those is:

I will promptly report to the DTA on any actual or potential security vulnerabilities I become aware of in respect of the COVIDSafe App.

This should be the objective of anyone reviewing the code, to make it better and report any issues they find, rather than use it as a weapon to beat-up the Government and health officials.

While the Government made good on their promise of releasing the source code today (May 8th), the original app was released back on April 26th. This afternoon, it was revealed that 5.3 million Australians had downloaded the app.

This app plays a key role in ensuring we manage any outbreak of Coronavirus in our community, as the country works on a plan to get back to work and some level of normality.

The release also revealed an upcoming update to the app is coming during the week commencing 11 May 2020.

DTA (the developers of the app) are also working with Apple and Google as they develop technology that could enhance the COVIDSafe application.

You can check out the source code via the Digital Transformation Agency.

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