Australian illustrator, uses Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to create [Sponsored]

    The Samsung Galaxy Note II offers one of the largest displays on the market. The 5.55” HD Super AMOLED display has been put to good use with Australian illustrator, Andrew Millist creating an exclusive artwork using only the Samsung GALAXY Note II. The level of detail on the image is incredibly impressive and achieved with the pressure sensitive S-Pen.

    Millist says the goal of the image was to make people feel good when they see it. He delivered a digitally painted world of robots, turtles and suns that wear headphones. The graphic would be at home not only as a default Samsung wallpaper, but an option for all Android users.


    The video below showcases Millist talking through how the Note II is now integrated into his illustration workflow. He also discussed how the creative process happens and was executed using the phone.

    Be creative. Discover the new Samsung GALAXY Note II now at Samsung Australia.

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