Australia’s first 4G network goes live today ! Telstra 4G LTE.

Telstra 4G

Australia’s first 4G services go live to consumers today ! Australia’s largest mobile network provider Telstra aren’t happy just leading the speed game with Next G, instead taking Australians to the next generation of wireless technology. Hey 4G is one more than 3G, so it must be better right ?

Last week we reported that Telstra was bringing out internet celebrity Rebecca Black, turns out it was for the launch of 4G. Black isn’t the only internet celeb to get the invite, Dancing Matt and the guy behind Evolution of Dance are also on the list. If your confused about the association, it’s all to do with the speeds and applications possible on 4G. With the increased mobile data speeds, even a HD YouTube video is no problem. The ‘stars’ are performing in Sydney today.

Download speeds available on Telstra’s 4G network will be up to 40 Mbps.

Uploads is where it gets even more interesting. 4G allows uploading up to three times faster. Telstra say you can upload a 10mb PowerPoint presentation in under 15 seconds. After struggling to even upload a single photo to Facebook on Optus, I can’t wait till 4G is available in Albury Wodonga.

4G coverage is initially available in all capital CBD’s, associated airports and selected regional locations with our new 4G USB.

Telstra 4G LTE services won’t be available Australia-wide at launch, so to check if you get the ultra-fast speed on the go, check out the coverage checker –

While you may not have a 4G mobile yet, you can pickup a 4G USB dongle

4G USB Dongle Telstra

More information @

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