Australia’s new $456 Million cross-sea cable

This week a major milestone occurred in an international telecommunications project. The Hawaiki trans-Pacific cable is a 15,000km system that will link Australia and New Zealand to the United States (specifically Oregon), Hawaii, Samoa and additional South Pacific islands. The giant ship used to haul the cable across the sea is currently docked at Coogee to connect the southern portion of the massive project.

The new connection has a total capacity of 43.8TB/s, which is good for around 1,200 HD movies every second. Inside the cable is 3 fibre pairs, which essentially doubles the capacity of Australia’s link to the US. While delivering extra speed, the new connection also delivers the 3rd international connection which helps Australia’s redundancy. With business and services more generally relying on international offerings, having extra speed and redundancy is critical to Australia’s continued competition in a global marketplace.

Given this new piece of internet infrastructure is not owned by a single telco, they can sell the bandwidth to multiple parties. Cloud providers like Amazon’s AWS have already signed up and its a safe bet others like Microsoft’s Azure and Google’s EC2 will follow.

Its expected the project will be ready for service in June 2018 and has a guaranteed minimum lifespan of 25 years.

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