Beach Buggy Racing 2 is now available in your Tesla, race using your car’s steering wheel

Last week Elon Musk dropped by E3 and showed off a preview of Beach Buggy Racing being played on the screen of a Model 3. At the time it was a neat demo, but nobody expected it to arrive so quickly. The game is available now for Tesla owners to download.

The game launches as part of Tesla Arcade, the home to a growing catalogue of games, starting with this week’s launch of Beach Buggy Racing 2 from game studio Vector Unit.

While you can connect a controller, the much cooler method is to actually use your car’s steering wheel and brake pedal to race. At E3, Elon pointed out that having people use the accelerator may be a bad idea, if they were accidentally in Drive.

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Given Tesla’s are effectively software on wheels, it seems fairly easy for Tesla to switch the car to park for you, if stationary and the game is launched. Using the accelerator, brake and steering wheel would effectively turn your car into a driving sim, pretty crazy and something not available in any other vehicle.

“The general principle is: what can we do to make the car the most fun possible?”

Elon Musk

In addition to the steering controls, Vector Unit worked with Tesla to show your actual vehicle in the game, another nice touch. There’s also a new multiplayer mode that lets you race against a passenger. Time to see if 2x Xbox One controllers can fit in the console.

Game Features

  • Spectacular kart racing action with exhilarating all-terrain physics
  • Drive Tesla Model 3, Model S and Model X cars
  • 14 colorful drivers, including Starman
  • Over 45 wacky Powerups
  • 22 thrilling race tracks packed with shortcuts, yetis, dragons, and alien technology
  • Set your best time in 3 difficulty modes, including Chill, Performance and Ludicrous.

Beach Buggy Racing 2 has a free to play version available on Google Play, Apple App Store, and Amazon Kindle. Full premium version coming soon to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch and Steam.

As part of this update, all of hidden Easter Egg modes now live in a new section of the on-screen UI called “Toybox.” This will make it easier to find your favourite hidden features, and for new modes to be discovered as they’re introduced.

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