Beg, borrow, steal. You’ll need $39,999 for LG’s stunning W7 wallpaper TV

    If you want the best TV money can buy in your home, you’ll need to pony up a massive $39,999 for the biggest 77″ edition. If you want to tease yourself, and make your wallet nervous, then visit a Harvey Norman store to see it for yourself, the thing is gorgeous and ridiculously thin.

    Lets be honest, this is a lot of money, far more than many of us can ever imagine spending on a TV. The price tag could easily buy you a very decent car (or 2), but its important to remember, there’s a lot of wealthy people in Australia. If you’re a footballer, or an actor and you don’t have this TV on your wall, you’ll be the odd one out in the celebrity circle. This is the TV you buy to show off to your mates, while allowing you to be confident you have a better TV than anyone else you know.

    The 77″ model now is the largest version available, up from the 65″ W7 TV and will gladly absorb more of your peripheral vision to deliver a more immersive cinema-like experience. The TV uses a magnetic wall mount to sit flush on the wall, measuring just 6mm in total thickness. The result is a sleek and polished display, without the distraction of excessive cords; cords are instead tucked away in the accompanying sound bar that hosts the electrical for the TV. Connection between the TV and the sound bar is achieved subtly through a single ribbon cable.

    General Manager of Marketing, LG Electronics Australia, Angus Jones says,

    The 77-inch LG W7 TV is further proof of our consistent drive to provide Australian customers with more innovative and premium technology.

    This year’s OLED models support both Active HDR with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos in one package. By combining these technologies, LG is the first manufacturer in the world to incorporate both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos together to create the ultimate premium visual and audio cinematic experience for the home.

    In terms of content, Netflix has begun rolling out Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision-combined enabled content, which can be taken advantage of on 2017 LG OLED TVs.

    Pricing and availability

    There are currently seven LG OLED TV models available in Australia, with the latest 77-inch LG W7 TV landing in stores today for RRP $39,999, expect the actual price to be a few thousand cheaper, but its still a healthy chunk of change. Not everyone’s wall and living room is large enough for the mega 77″, so we’ve also included the prices for smaller models.

    Range Model Name Model Code RRP
    LG OLED TV LG Signature 77″ W7 OLED TV OLED77W7T                39,999
    LG Signature 65″ W7 OLED TV OLED65W7T                13,499
    LG Signature 65″ G7 OLED TV OLED65G7T                 9,099
    LG  65″ E7 OLED TV OLED65E7T                 7,999
    LG  55″ E7 OLED TV OLED55E7T                 5,199
    LG  65″ C7 OLED TV OLED65C7T                 6,899
    LG  55″ C7 OLED TV OLED55C7T                 4,099

    For more details on the 77-inch LG W7 TV, head over to

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