Bill Gates on QandA next Tuesday, talking education


Former Microsoft founder and CEO Bill Gates is set to do a special edition of Q&A next week. At 8.30 on Tuesday, 28th of May, Gates will be interviewed by Q&A host Tony Jones. The show will focus on education and how our teachers can get better with smart feedback.

If you’re not in front of a TV, you can watch it live online at ABC News 24.

on the 8th of May, Bill Gates did a TED talk where he discussed the feedback system that teachers receive and claims the existing one is very broken. The reality is that most teachers get very little, if any feedback on how well they are doing their job.

Locally we have websites like MySchool that compare the student performance, but there isn’t a site that nationally compares the performance of teachers. In 2009 the OECD rankings for reading proficiency, place Australia at 9th in the world. So what is the difference between teachers in Australia and the number 1 performer, Shanghai China? Gates suggests it’s a result of teacher feedback systems.

The theory is that with adequate feedback, teachers learn what works and what doesn’t faster and can change classroom practices to improve. Without solid feedback teachers tend to assume they are doing a great job and delivery remains the same.

It’s an interesting discussion and one that our government is pouring millions of dollars into to fix, so the conversation on Tuesday night is one not to be missed.


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