Boston Dynamics releases new updates to their Robot Dog: Spot

    Boston Dynamics is a company known for its work on robots. While they have many robot concepts, they have 1 product that you can actually buy, Spot. Spot is a dog-like robot that is being sold to companies to make their operations more efficient.

    In a new video released today, Boston Dynamics provide detail on what’s new for the Spot platform. Spot now features upgraded cameras, as well as a new Samsung tablet controller, while also supporting some new payloads.

    The Rajant mesh radio enables connectivity in locations that otherwise would not be possible.. like underground mines for example.

    Another new payload is the new Spot Core I/O. This is a computer that’s bolted to the top of Spot, built on the Nvidia Jetson platform, an AI computing platform for GPU-accelerated parallel processing.

    Boston Dynamics says this is a great platform for people to develop Computer Vision models.. for Spot to perform site inspections.

    This Core I/O platform also includes 5G connectivity, enabling Spot to be controlled and upload data in many more locations. This 5G connectivity will be enabled by launch partner AT&T in the US.

    To learn more about Spot and discover Spot’s latest features at Boston Dynamics.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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