Boxee 1.0 desktop app not coming till early 2011

During an interview at the GDGT Live event with Tom Merritt from TWiT, Boxee have revealed that the desktop software for Mac, Windows and Linux, won’t be updated to version 1.0 until ‘early 2011’. The new version of Boxee is clearner and more refined than any other version we’ve seen before. CEO Avner Rosen said they wanted to strip it back to the bare essentials to simplify.

Image credit: TechCrunch

Those of you paying attention will know that Boxee had thier official launch this week, with pre-ordered Boxee Boxes already landing in the hands of consumers. The Boxee Box shown off at the launch and shipping hardware comes with the updated version 1.0 of the software, but those using Boxee on the desktop will have to wait.

Currently the Boxee desktop version of Boxee is stuck at 0.9 beta.

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