Breaking: Trump lifts Huawei ban, proves it was nothing to do with security

Huawei’s march to the top of the global smartphone sales charts was abruptly interrupted when United States President Donald Trump added Chinese-based Huawei to a banned list.

This ban meant that no US company could do business with them without explicit permission from the US Government. 1-by-1 US-based companies pulled the pin and technology and services Huawei depended on from Google, Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcomm and more, all pulled up stumps.

Without the ability to build phones on Google’s Android, or build networking equipment that relied on many patents and architectures from US firms, Huawei’s future looked grim outside China.

Tonight we get news that at the G20 summit in Japan, President Trump announced that “US companies can sell their equipment to Huawei.”.

Originally Trump pulled the security card without revealing any public evidence to support those claims. It looked much more like an anti-competitive move and today’s announcement certainly seems to support that.

Trump mentioned the ban is also hurting US companies to explain the reversal, but that leaves the question of security. Don’t expect Huawei 5G equipment to be in the US anytime soon, but phones, laptops etc should start to flow again soon.

In Australia, Huawei committed to support their existing hardware in market, but without support from Google, users were going to be left without an option for updating to the next Android release. Thankfully that all should return to normal.

More information at Android Headlines.

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  1. Great, can we now install their (Huawei) 5G gear and have a proper 5G network?
    Instead of the current nobbled one foist upon us like the 3rd world NBN?

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