Bugatti reveal the track-focused Chiron Sport at Geneva Motor Show

As if the Bugatti Chiron wasn’t insane enough already, the car just got a new version, the Chiron Sport. Announced by the President of the company at the Geneva Motor Show, the new edition is made specifically with the track in mind and therefore, you’ll find a mega 8 litre 16-cylinder engine under the hood, making a ridiculous 1479bhp. The power is impressive, but so is the striking new body with red and black colour scheme that’d make some Aussie spiders blush.

To improve the power to weight ratio (from an already great base) the car’s been put on a diet (to the tune of 18kg), while also improving the suspension. At around 10% stiffer, its again designed for use on the track, not to be comfortable for a trip down to Ikea. With better handling and a little less weight, it’ll be faster around the track than the original, but still features the same insane performance numbers. The Chiron Sport gets from 0-100km in just 2.5secs and keeps going to 200km/h in 6.5secs. Now here’s the part that separates the men from the boys, the trip to 300km/h takes only 13.6secs and moves the needle all the way to 420km/h top speed.

This car has many redeeming features, but it never hurts to feature a ‘world first’ in the spec sheet. The Bugatti Chiron Sport will be the first production car that features the ability to wipe away way the tears with carbon-fibre windscreen wipers, complete with aluminium tips created on 3D printers.

If you love a bash around the track and are in search of your next track car, then maybe the Bugatti Chiron Sport is it. Just be sure you reach deep into those deep pockets as you’ll need to find around A$4.21 Million.

You can rewatch the Geneva Motor Show unveil on Periscope.

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