Can you get more range by lowering your EV?

    There are a lot of people moving into an EV for the first time and with that, many consider 3rd party components and accessories to take what are mass-producton vehicles and adapt to their own personal needs.

    KW automotive is a suspension manufacturer specializing in the aftermarket, and are benefiting from this ongoing electric car boom.

    An increasing number of electric car owners are switching out components to improve the factory offering including light-alloy wheels and coilover suspension kits. KW automotive has been developing coilovers for electric vehicles and while these not only improve the street appeal of the vehicle, there could be a very practical advantage to doing so.. extra range.

    The KW V3 coilover suspension and the adaptive KW DDC plug & play coilover suspension are now available for the new Cupra Born (K1). The electric car can be lowered by 20 to 45 millimeters with the height-adjustable coilovers within the scope of the parts certificate.

    While KW says running the car lower will increase the range, it doesn’t specify by how much.

    While the KW V3 can be adjusted manually in terms of damping, the DDC plug&play with its electric damper control is recommended for all Cupra Borns with optional DCC standard chassis control. The two KW coilovers made in Germany from stainless steel are available now from

    With a background of providing suspension for more than 150 vehicles, KW automotive has taken that experience and applied it to an adaptive KW DDC plug & play coilover suspension for the new Cupra Born.

    While the car is not yet available for purchase in Australia, it has been caught testing out here. The car is expected to arrive in Australia sometime later in 2022 and be priced between $50-$60k, leaving plenty of room for some aftermarket mods.

    Compatible with the optional DCC damper control, the coilover suspension constantly adjusts its damping to the road and driving style.

    “Because our KW DDC suspensions are compatible with the DCC damper control used by the VAG Group, the various driving modes that influence the damper can still be used.

    Depending on the driving situation the electromagnetic damper valves change the setup and switch to tighter damping for example. The less unrest in the body structure, the less the ESP has to regulate,”

    KW Brand Manager Florian Johann.

    The best-selling aftermarket suspension from KW automotive is the KW V3 or KW Variant 3 coilover suspension. These dampers differ from conventional suspension dampers by using multi-valve technology.

    This means that the damping of the suspension can be adjusted individually by hand. Just like the electronically damping-adjustable KW DDC plug & play coilover suspension, the KW V3 coilover suspension allows stepless lowering of the front axle and rear axle of the Cupra Born from 20 to 45 millimeters.

    “The more harmoniously an electric car is damped, the range can also benefit. In the Tesla Model 3, electric mobility specialists achieved a seven percent increase in range by installing our coilover suspension,”

    Florian Johann from KW Brand Management.

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