Canon Lens Challenge: Guy Sebastian [Sponsored]


Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or professional, DSLRs become infinitely more powerful with additional lenses. Anyone who’s purchased a camera with the kit lenses will quickly outgrow them and one of the most common questions is what to buy next. There’s an array of options from macro, to fisheye, tilt shift and of course the big zoom lenses, so how do you choose?

Canon have put together a lens challenge featuring Guy Sebastian and Canon Master Graham Monro. The goal here was to visit three locations, all with completely different subject matter and lighting conditions and select the best lens for the task.

The three environments included a burnout with coloured tyre smoke in daylight, a Chinese dragon at sunset and Capoeira dancers by the sea after sun down. The different opportunities allowed for some great photo opportunities, so how does a singer stack up against the veteran photographer? You’ll have to watch the video below for that.

Canon have been in the game for more than 75 years now, and their innovative technology and pioneering optics offer stunning results. Choosing the right lens can be the difference between ending up with a cover-quality shot, or one that belongs in a family album. Canon lenses to tell the stories that are important to you.


Check out the video below, it’s 5 minutes long and if you’re a photographer considering lens choices, you really get a great insight into when best to use which lens.

Here is more information about the lenses available from Canon –

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