Carboncast v1.1 now available, delivers new features and trial mode

    Carboncast v1.1

    Carboncast version 1.1 has just hit the WP8 market and delivers on the most requested features. The response from the initial release of Carboncast has been amazing with international coverage and hundreds of downloads in the first few days alone.

    With some many happy customers and great reviews, the app is now maturing with a set of new features as well as the regular bug fixes.

    Version 1.1 update includes:

    • Trial version added
    • Allow users to set number of back catalogue to download
    • Allow manual add of Podcast
    • Add Networks (TWiT, Revision 3, ABC)
    • Add Review option
    • Add Purchase option (for trial users)
    • Settings page scrolls (ready for many more options)
    • Bug fix – can now subscribe to last item in search result
    • Bug fix – Reference to add from app bar when 0 subscriptions removed

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    After delivering no less than 6 Windows 8 apps, I never really received demand for a trial version, but it seems the story on mobile is completely different. You guys were absolutely clear in your want for a trial version. I’m proud of the product, people love it and I’m happy to deliver a trial version that allows users to preview the app for free.

    Accent colours
    During development of this update it was decided to add a highlight colour for each release. This is seen both on the splash screen as the app launches, as well as throughout the background of the UI. This is designed to give quick reference to the version you’re using, v1.1 is purple, v1.2 migt be blue etc.

    Trial version
    The trial is limited to 2 subscriptions which is aimed at allowing users to get the feel for what the app can do, while also being limited enough to get you paying for the full version. Many, many hours went into the development of Carboncast, so I don’t mind asking for the minimum price in each country.

    Back catalogue
    Other great features include the ability to set the number of episodes to download from the back catalogue of a podcast. The Settings page allows you to configure this up to 10 most recent episodes. Just be careful if you have a low data cap that this sets the number to be automatically downloaded when subscribing to a new podcast. I recommend setting it to 2 or 3.

    Manual adding of podcasts
    There’s also a new option to add a podcast manually which also arose from feedback of users. Initially I decided to exclude this feature in the interest of simplifying the UI for v1.0. The feature is now available in v1.1 and will no doubt make many Carboncast users very happy. Of course if there’s a podcast missing from the catalogue, you can always suggest it at

    New Networks page
    Something I found from my own behaviour was that I would desire to subscribe to multiple podcasts from a particular network, but found it difficult and time consuming to search for each. By adding networks, users can easily subscribe to shows from TWiT, Revision3 and ABC. I’m looking for suggestions for other podcast networks we can add in v1.2, so please leave a comment with suggestions.

    Bug fixes
    There’s always bugs in software, that’s the nature of the beast and Carboncast is no exception. As the point releases continue to roll out over the weeks and months ahead, we’ll continue to squash any issues.

    Finally there’s also the ability to review the app from the Settings page or purchase the app (for trial users) from the about page. Now stop reading, go download the update and enjoy the new features while I work on v1.2.

    Download now
    If you haven’t already got Carboncast, you can get it (and now try it) by visiting


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