Carboncast v1.5 now available, WP8 podcasts now even better


It’s been a long time in the works, but version 1.5 of the Windows Phone 8 podcast app, Carboncast is now available. This update addresses much of the user feedback received since version 1.4. You guys certain aren’t backwards in coming forward to voice your opinions and please continue to do so.

Through the development of this update I learnt a hard lesson as a developer. It’s always been a difficult decision between shipping an update quickly and ensuring the update is substantial enough to respond to user feedback and surprise them at the same time. I have to admit, with v1.5 I got the balance wrong and tried to include too much, hence the long time between releases. This will change in the future.

The version 1.5 update delivers the following changes:

  • New panorama style background
  • New app icon and tiles
  • Added custom wallpaper
  • Added live tiles to Discover page
  • Added contextual menus
  • Added playback indicators to playlist
  • New Subscription page layout
  • Improved loading in Discover pages
  • Limited characters in episode title
  • Removed track title on live tile flip 1
  • Removed requirement for NFC
  • Bug Fixes

Unfortunately it was necessary to upgrade the database structure which will cause upgraders to loose subscriptions. This will be a one time change and going forward, future releases will leave subscriptions in tact. Just treat this as an opportunity to clean out old podcasts.

There’s plenty more updates on the way, in fact I have already submitted v1.5.2 with bug fixes for approval. I’d like to say a massive thank you to the more than 2,000 people who have downloaded and tried Carboncast so far.

Carboncast is available on Windows Phone 8 and costs just $0.99 with the option to try for free (up to 3 subscriptions).


Download the app now at

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