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It is all over! TiVo removes all references to Harvey Norman and Joyce Mayne.

What is a company that doesn’t sell a product? Dead? The answer is yes. TiVo Australia updated their website today and removed all references to Harvey Norman and Joyce Mayne, also known...

Head of TiVo Australia leaves for the US, future looks grim

Director of TiVo Australia or Hybrid Television Services (ANZ), Robbee Minicola has left Australia, and is already back in her home country of the USA, after working internationally for 27 years. She...

What the hell is going on with TiVo? Big outages scheduled.

In a service message to TiVo owners in Australia, its been revealed there’s some major outages on the way. Normally service outages are scheduled for the early hours to minimise impact on...

TiVo to lose Sony Music content, June 27

In an email to TiVo subscribers, news arrives that Sony Music content will no longer be available on TiVo. Starting from the 27th June 2011 the content loss also extends to