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Telstra’s 5G Home and Business internet has a massive average download speed of 378Mbps, 1TB data for $85pm

Telstra has announced the official launch of their 5G Home & Business Internet service, which brings serious competition to the offerings by the NBN. Telstra says that users should expect a ridiculously fast, average typical download speed of 378Mbps during the busy 7pm – 11pm period (typical...

Australia’s first 5G device is now available, the HTC 5G Hub from Telstra

If you have a thirst for speed, or moving data between your devices and the cloud is critical to your business efficiency, then pay attention. Telstra has released their first 5G device, the HTC...

Telstra turns on 5G on the Gold Coast. Speed approaching 1Gbps for Australia’s first 5G car

5G is all the rage right now, with massive promises of ridiculous multiples of the mobile speed we have today. Other benefits include better range, lower latency and for the faster speeds to make...