Cathédrale Notre Dame preserved on Google’s Street View

This morning Australians woke to dramatic footage of the world famous 
Cathédrale Notre Dame in Paris on fire. The 13th-century French-gothic architecture is well known as a must-see tourist attraction.

The French President Emmanuel Macron has just given an update to media, detailing that firefighters have preserved much of the facade. Despite that success, the roof and the iconic spire that tops the building, have been lost.

If you never got to visit the building, we thankfully live in a time where much of the world is captured and preserved by Google’s Street View. This location is one of them.

You can take a virtual tour of Cathédrale Notre Dame by dragging the yellow street view person on to the top of the building and selecting one of the blue dots inside. This allows you to pan around and move about inside the famous church.

While nothing will ever replace the experiencing of visiting there in person, if you had planned to go, but now can’t, Street View is a great second option.

Google also provide live data to their Maps, indicating the building is currently on fire. This is helpful for those plotting a journey to the location as it warns them to stay away and let emergency services do their work.

Here are some of the devistating photos shared on Twitter.
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