Channel 7 spark outrage over no HD broadcast of AFL Grand Final

    AFL not in HD

    Right now football fans around the country are gathered around their large screen TV’s. Only problem is the AFL Grand Final isn’t being broadcast in HD despite consumers paying thousands of dollars for TVs that are more than capable. At larger sizes, lets say 42” and up, the quality difference is significantly different and consumers are right to be upset, it is 2012 after all.

    Here’s a few of the reactions from twitter about Channel 7’s decision to only offer SD despite having a supposedly dedicated HD channel 7MATE. Apparently it was busy showing a much more important 4:3 rerun of V.I.P. The AFL broadcast is delivered in 576i, far short of the 1080p standard consumers expected today.


    There’s even a dedicated twitter account to campaign Channel 7 to deliver AFL in HD. The @AFLinHDpls account has more than 60,000 followers. Last year America’s football grand final, the Superbowl was broadcast in HD, but other sports like F1 have also fallen victim to the SD curse. So how do you feel about the SD only broadcast of this year’s AFL Grand Final?

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