Channel 7 to live stream, well, everything.. 24/7


The future of television is arriving a little sooner than we expected. Overnight Channel 7 made a massive announcement, they will live stream their primary and secondary channels live to mobile devices and the web. This will enable new audiences to access the content, particularly their breakfast and evening news broadcasts, while commuting to and from work.

The move to live stream over the air content is a fantastic step forward and catches up to ABC’s offering of anywhere anytime. ABC should get credit for pioneering this multi-platform offering, with great apps for the mobile and web streaming through their website or YouTube channel. To see a commercial station follow is definitely exciting for Australians.

Tim Worner, Managing Director and CEO of Seven West Media, said:

“We are redefining the way Australians watch live TV. We are a content company. Our future is television. Our growth is mobile. A big part of our future is video. Today provides clear evidence that we will be a driving force in the development, creation and delivery of content in a rapidly changing communications landscape.”

With 4G connectivity establish and reliable in most areas, the opportunity to watch from wherever you are in the country is great, but does place an acute focus on our relatively small data caps.

The free service begins on the first of December 2015 and the app will be available for Android and iOS devices, as well as on the website. Check out more information at


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