Check out this 18-column Tweetdeck experience on a single CHG90 display

What you’re looking at is now less than 18 columns on Tweetdeck on a single monitor. If you’re someone who loves Twitter, for work or pleasure, experiencing Twitter this way is an absolute delight. What may look like an information overload nightmare for some, personally this allows me to feel completely on top of the latest news across the world, all on a single display.

That display is the stunning Samsung CHG90 49″ super ultrawide gaming monitor. Of course its got 144Hz and a 1ms response rate, but that doesn’t mean you can run desktop apps TweetDeck in Chrome is one fantastic experience. Those who follow me on Twitter will have seen an earlier photo where I showed 14 columns, so how did I now fit 18 columns? The simple and pretty obvious zoom function. Thanks to the proximity in which you sit to this curved display, even when zooming out to 75%, the text is still very readable.

For those playing at home, the display runs a resolution of 3840 x 1080 pixels which fits between 3 and 9 tweets vertically, depending on the content length and media inclusion. You’ve seen images, but I know you’ll want to see video of this beast in action, so check out the video embedded at the end of this post.

While the screen is fantastic for TweetDeck, I still have some big complaints for Twitter in regards to the service. As a power user, I’m frustrated by the speed of feature updates. While the service has matured over the years, there’s a long list of improvements that could benefit power users today, so whoever in charge of product development over there, needs firecracker lit under them.

Tweetdeck feature requests:

  • Default column filters for new columns – Having to reapply the same filters everytime is not fun.
  • Trending column – Show tweets from top 10 trending hashtags
  • Sets – I need a different set of columns at different times of the day, work, home, technology etc, let me save columns as sets.
  • TV – I want a column that uses audio detection, Shazam style to automatically populate a column when watching TV. This would save users adding #qanda every Monday night, this should happen automatically
  • Facebook likes – We’ve already told social media what we like, so leverage that for column recommendations
  • Broad categories – Headphones, NBA, Cryptocurrency, I want to feel on top of that category or brand. Should have a simple tier of filters, global, national, local.
  • Breaking news – Twitter promotes itself as the place to find out breaking information first, yet leaves your discovery of it up to chance. This needs to be a legitimate, deduplicated column of truly breaking news, again use the global, national, local filters to provide further relevance.

Video of 18-column Tweetdeck

Now its time to see this guy in action, its almost mesmorising to have information flood into your brain from sitting in front of this. Of course I’ve used multiple monitors for years, but Tweetdeck only ever got access to one of them, but with a single ultrawide display its a very different experience.

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