Chinese-based NIO just revealed the EC6 SUV, coming in 2020 to compete with the Tesla Model Y

Chinese-based electric car company NIO has just announced it’s 3rd vehicle, the EC6. Following on from the ES6 and the ES8, the NIO EC6 moves past the more conventional body design, to a sleek and sexy design that should be attractive to many.

The car features some, let’s say, familiar attributes, like body-flush door handles, glass roof and aero wheels. Whether you want to call this design ‘inspired by’ or feel that it’s just what is required to make an aero-efficient EV, the design is pretty nice.

The design is one thing, but it’s perhaps the range and performance available from an EV that appeals to most, and the trump card for NIO is, of course, the price (which won’t be known until July 2020).

What is known is the largest variant will contain a 100kWh battery which is good for 360 miles (or 579.36 km). That’s a very healthy range and yes they’ve used a big battery to achieve it, so perhaps a little less efficient than Tesla.

It is great to see that on the international stage, Tesla is beginning to get some decent, competitive options for consumers to choose from. The NIO EC6 will compete with the Tesla Model Y which is also due out next year.

In terms of acceleration, the EC6 will shoot to 100km/h in 4.7 seconds, landing between the Model Y’s Performance variant that can do it in 3.7s and the Long Range AWD that is rated for 5.1s.

When it comes to autonomy, clearly Tesla has the lead, but that hasn’t stopped NIO offering their implementation. NIO Pilot is built on top of Mobileye technology who was acquired by Intel back in 2017. There is a new EyeQ5 due in 2020, but given that’s when the vehicle is shipping, don’t be surprised if the ‘advanced driver assist’ system is still v4.

There’s currently no word Australian availability, but we’re hoping it comes here to give budget-conscious Aussie consumers an affordable EV SUV option with decent range and performance.

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Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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  1. Hope this goes ok for Nio. Curious about pricing. Seems like they have the jugular open now because they either have to sell these cars for very cheap since it’s quite far off from what the Y brings to the table. Or they can match Tesla pricing and sell very few of these. Either way it’ll be a disaster, unfortunately for Nio. Similar to the Audi Etron attempt (albeit the Etron is too expensive).

  2. Big fan of NIO and really hoping them come down under sooner rather than later.
    I’m 99% confident they will well and truly undercut Tesla in this market for these vehicles – I’m not convinced Aus can afford electricifaction of the vehicle fleet at current EV prices, prices have to come down significantly to make a serious dent. I think this is where Nio’s opportunity lies

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