Clear out the garage, Tesla Powerwall may get you off the grid completely


Today Tesla will announce the missing piece to the all-electric future. While millions of Australian households have solar panels on the roof, they currently have no way of storing that electricity, and instead sell it back to the grid for a diminishing price. Tesla’s founder Elon Musk is also the brains behind solar company Solar City which is obviously a nice card to have in your deck when you build Supercharger networks and Electric Vehicles.

According to The Guardian, Tesla will announce a battery for your garage which will store electricity and have the ability to share electricity between your solar, your car and even your home. It’s believed the ‘utility’ sized power unit will come in at least two colours, black and white, but an option to match the colour of that Tesla sitting in your garage would be a great addition.

The cost of a Tesla battery won’t be cheap and there’s strong indications that there’ll be a leasing plan, rather than an outright purchase price. The benefits to consumers would be an easy sell, instead of making power, selling it back at a low price, then buying power at a higher price to power your home (and cars), why not just power your home with the energy you create and be off the grid.

Depending on the power needs of the home, owners still may need to buy some power from the grid, but the amount would likely be significantly less resulting in a much lower cost. Power companies, you are on notice, your escalating power prices are about to come back and bite.

To tune in to the live stream and learn more about Tesla’s solution creating zero emissions power generation head to at 8:00pm PT (1:00pm AEST)

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