ClickFrenzy is back, now using Akamai and AWS stay online


Last year in November, ClickFrenzy was a complete failure with the site suffering from poor planning to support the 22 million visitors they received. The collective retailer bargain site is now trying again tonight with a substantial change to the infrastructure.

This year ClickFrenzy have engaged two big giants in the industry, Akamai and Amazon Web Services. These both provide global content distribution networks (CDN) that should be more than capable of holding anything Australians can throw at them, assuming ClickFrenzy are prepared to hand over the credit card.

It’ll be interesting to see if this is a case of the boy cried wolf and we’ve all lost interest and faith in the site, or if bargain loving Aussies are willing to try again. The ClickFrenzy site is now structured for not only tonight’s sale, dubbed ‘Mother’s day frenzy’, but will also hold events for the end of the financial year and fathers day.

if ClickFrenzy can establish themselves as a solid service, there is a chance they could be a new favourite for many, but tonight is really their last opportunity to save face. If the site fails tonight it’ll be a case of boy cried wolf and they’ll disappear into obscurity faster than a 90s .com.

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