Cliffy B tries on a bad Aussie accent for GOW3 fans

Gears of War 3

In a clearly (badly) scripted video, Cliffy B appeals to Australian Gears of War fans by throwing out some classic Aussie phrases. While its always charming to see Australia recognised, the accent is pretty bad, luckily it only lasts 30 seconds. The video is really a preview of third chapter of the smash hit first person shooter.

After picking up the game on launch day (September 20th), the subsequent evening have been taken up by Gears. Now at Act 5 of single player, expect a full review soon. Initial thoughts on the game, is that it is, without a doubt the best of the Gears franchise. Environments are beautiful, Bosses are insanely oversized and the biceps are bigger than ever before. There is one annoyingly Australian accented female character, nothing against Claudia Black personally, the voice just simply doesn’t match the character.

During the video, Gears spokesman Cliffy B points out and shows off the multiplayer gameplay. Developers implemented feedback from the 1.3 Million beta users. Check out the bad video below (we still love you Cliff).

Gears of War 3 is available now exclusively on Xbox 360.

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