Commonwealth Bank Kaching, pay by Email, Facebook or NFC.

Commonwealth Bank this morning had themselves a nice little announcement. Kaching (pronounced ‘ca-ching’) is essentially their version of mobile payments using a variety of methods including Facebook, phone number, email and NFC (using PayPass).

Starting today, Kaching will support the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and 4S, which may leave you scratching your head given Apple didn’t include an NFC chip with the iPhone. The solution.. an NFC-enabled iPhone case (called iCarte case), supplied by Commonwealth Bank.

Naturally the decision to only support Apple devices initially has the Android community scratching their heads. Many Android devices are beginning to ship with the NFC chip built-in, removing the need for an extra bulky case.

The NFC case will attract a cost, but official pricing has not bee determined yet. There is no charge for using the app or transferring funds.

Security is always top priority for Commonwealth Bank, and Commbank Kaching is no different. Password encryption technology ensures that a lost or stolen phone will not enable someone to access a user’s personal banking details. The
app is authorised to be used on only one  handset, and no  personal banking information is stored on the phone. Receivers of payments are also protected, with all un-­‐retrieved funds being credited to the payer after 14 days.

NFC payments on Commbank Kaching are also limited to $100 and work by a simple tap of a phone at the point of sale wherever PayPass enabled terminals are installed.

This is a significant leap forward for mobile banking in Australia and one step closer to leaving that wallet at home.


As a NAB customer, I’ll need to see a competitor to this very quickly, or will jump ship to utilise this new technology. While not as good as a lower interest rate, Kaching is a differentiating feature that may have some customers jumping ship.

More information @ Commbank.

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