Confirmed: Ford will launch AppLink 2.0 in Australia early 2014


This week Ford held a ‘GoFurther’ event at Fox Studios in Sydney to make some substantial announcements. One such announcement was the confirmation that AppLink 2.0 will arrive early next year when the 2014 Ford Mondeo. Earlier this year at Computex, Ford made the announcement about AppLink 2.0 but couldn’t confirm if Australia

Version 2.0 of AppLink will give developers much more access to vehicle data. Let’s be clear here, developers will love this as it offers some amazing potential for a new breed of apps in your car. Another important improvement is support for push notifications. There’s potential for a Facebook or Twitter to support AppLink and have your updates read out to you for that real connected driving experience.

Back at Computex, when AppLink 2.0 was first announced, Ford announced AppLink Catalog, this will be a complimentary smartphone app that lets you see AppLink enabled apps.


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