Crackdown 2 demo available, 2 much like the first

    Crackdown 2 cover Crackdown 2 demo

    The explosive orb-gathering sequel to Crackdown is now available in demo form. Weighing in at an almost standard 1GB download, the Crackdown 2 demo is an exclusive offer available to Gold Subscribers. So should you spend some of that valuable download cap on CD2 ?

    After playing the demo for around an hour now, I can’t help but feel disappointed. I loved the hell out of the original Crackdown, so naturally expectations were very high, but unfortunately the demo falls short. This is due to one key reason, it’s not different enough. While sequels always have to walk the fine line of staying true to the game style so as to avoid alienating fanboys and fangirls, sequels also need a good slice innovation to avoid the player feeling like it’s the same game.

    Graphically the game is only very slightly upgraded, still continuing with its unique cell-shaded style. Your character or Agent has a few more options, but ultimately still has the pretty simple task of blowing stuff up and jumping on rooftops collecting Agility Orbs. Weapons are all too familiar with machine guns and shortguns really feeling like more of the same.

    If you still want to check it out, go ahead, grab the download from Xbox Live.

    Download Crackdown 2 demo

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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