Crucial launches 8GB Memory Modules for PC and Laptops

Consumer computing has extended far beyond machines designed to do “just enough”, with many computers running 64 bit versions of Windows and optimising high end CPU’s and RAM.

Well Crucial has pushed the bill one step further following the announcement of their new 8GB DDR3 RAM modules. The 1333Mhz sticks are designed and optimised for Intel’s i5 and i7 processors, allowing users access to high density memory in a low-form factor design. In addition to their higher density, the 8GB SODIMM modules will run at 1.35 volts as opposed to the standard 1.5 volts.

“We’re seeing the total maximum density of desktop and laptop system memory grow as a direct result of the size and complexity in software applications,” said Michael Moreland, Crucial’s DRAM Product Manager when speaking on the introduction and announcement of the server quality modules.

“The new Apple® iMac®, for example, can utilise up to 32GB of system memory, enabling intense computing power for applications such as video, photo, or music editing software,” Moreland continued, “High-density memory isn’t just for servers anymore; consumers also want to get the most performance out of their system.”

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