Cybertruck reveal shows UI overhaul could coming to the Model 3, vertical buttons, game-style maps

When Elon Musk was done on stage, he invited attendees to take rides in the Cybertruck. Naturally, most of these attendees had cameras and captured their experiences, being some of the first in the world to take a ride, years ahead of many others.

The prototype vehicles showcase some interesting ideas, one particularly interesting idea is the rethink on the User Interface. While the Cybertruck looks to use the same centrally-mounted, horizontally-orientated display as the Model 3 (just in 17″ instead of 15″), the application launcher (taskbar) is shown to be pinned to the left, rather than the bottom that we have today in the Model 3.

This actually places the controls closer to the driver, whereas currently, the digital representation of the vehicle is closest to the driver.

There’s also a new map view, which looks more like a video game, than any real-world Google Maps we have today.

Finally, there are widgets like the music controls that almost appear to be floating and potentially movable to suit your preference (likely driver-preferred or hand the music duties to the passenger).

It’s possible these experiments will be seen in future updates to the Model 3’s UI. You can see more of the interface in action during the test ride from E for Electric.

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Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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