Did you buy GT5 ?

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Last week the long awaited, much delayed Grand Turismo 5 was finally released to the public worldwide. I haven’t read about any early sales figures which makes me think they may be less than spectacular. Although I did purchase a copy, mainly for review purposes, but also to comparisons to Forza 3 on the Xbox 360, I feel maybe a lot of you got tired of waiting and don’t really care anymore.

Grand Turismo is a long running franchise that had a very loyal fan base, but after so many delays, its not surprising GT fanboys and girls are not exactly everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they are still out there, just not as many as there could have been had GT5 shipped when it was meant to.

GT5 should have gone head to head with the Forza 3, but instead most of the racing fans ended up pouring a ridiculous amount of hours into Forza. Obviously the two games are on different platforms and most people would settle in either camp, so if you are a PS3 owner, then GT5 is it. Problem is, if you were a racing game fan over the past couple of years, you’ve had the ability to walk into a shop and pickup and Xbox and Forza 3, heck it was even bundled together.

So many question to you all, did you buy GT5 ?

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