Digg for iPad arrives in v3.1 iOS app

Digg v3.1 iPad app

Digg’s ground up rebuild continues with the release of version 3.1 of their iOS app. The big feature in this release is support for iPad. As you’d expect the extra screen real estate afforded by the iPad is used well to showcase the latest stories.

Another showcase feature is "Reading Sync". This means you read an article on your phone then pickup your iPad, you’ll be taken to the same place. With this feature available in Amazon Kindle and Apple’s iBooks, it’s quickly becoming the standard for multi-device apps.

The Digg app for iPad supports both landscape and portrait orientations, as well as the ability to view Top, Popular and Saved posts. In horizontal mode, the bottom toolbar feels very empty, while Digg is clearly following a clean design language, this space just seems like a missed opportunity.

As Digg slowly adds functionality to their new site and apps, the development appears to be very cautious as the feature creep of old Digg contributed to its demise. There’s no word on figures since the rebuild, but I can’t say it’s set the world on fire.. yet.

Version 3.1 is a good, solid release and the iPad version is a welcome addition, but the iterations need to flow faster.

Available @ http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/digg/id362872995?mt=8

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