Digg Newsrooms, a reason to go back ?

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We all over Digg v4 ? Good, time to move on. This morning Digg have taken the wraps off a brand new feature called Newsrooms. While Digg’s front page is driven by the community, there is issues with leaving content select to the masses – just ask twitter trends.

Digg Newsrooms, currently in private beta, aims to offer a more refined and relevant source of news. By following the Newsrooms of your favourite topic, Technology, Science, Politics and many others, you get stories from influential people in that area.

Once you dive into a topic, the most influential users in that genre are displayed complete with an overall ranking, with a breakdown of how they achieved that number. This is very Klout-esk, a service that ranks influential people who are socially active, which come to think of it, suspiciously lacks Digg support.

To get Newsrooms, you need to have signed up for the beta, if you didn’t crawl to a Facebook friend who did. Facebook connection is required for Digg Newsrooms. Only time will tell if new features like Newsrooms will bring back the core Digg audience, but engaging a leaderboard is something Digg was heavily criticized for removing.

Digg Newsrooms 002

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