DIY Google Street View with Photo Sphere


Google Street View is one of the single coolest pieces of technology that exists, period. Being able to virtually navigate around the world is a stunning achievement and should be heavily commended. There is of course limitations to the locations Google cars, bikes and people with backpacks, were able to capture in 360 degrees.

Google has some great news, today they announced they are opening the platform to allow everyone to create their own Street View virtual tours. I can see the Real Estate market ready to explode with excitement right now.

The magic tool is called Photo Sphere and the creation can be done with a DSLR or Android phone. Using a new feature in their Views community, you can easily connect your photo spheres to create 360º virtual tours of the places you love, then share them with the world on Google Maps.

After snapping the media required for the tour, you need to use their new Views tool to path the images in relation to the geo co-ordinates. The most important part is joining the dots between the locations you shoot in so viewers have a place to move to next. If done right, the experience could be a comprehensive virtual tour of your business.

This also allows for indoor tours, somewhere that Google car definitely can’t go.


More information at Google Maps via TheNextWeb.

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