Does the future of lounge rooms involve multiple TVs ?

Dual-TV Loungeroom

Part of the media showcase at Tech.Ed last week, was a lounge room setup complete with 2 large TVs. While a lot of households may have just saved up and got their first HDTV, the future may actually involve not one, but two big screens in the living room. Stay with me.

Sure if you live alone this is a complete overindulgence, but families fight over the remote control every day. The introduction of a dual-TV lounge room would go some ways to solving that issue. The parents could be watching the nightly news, while the kids play Xbox on the other.

Sure getting sound from 2 sources would be an issue, but could be easily solved with wireless headsets.

After HDTV prices dropped to become a commodity, manufacturers have been trying to find ways to get you to upgrade to the latest and greatest with gimmicks like 3D. A better, more interesting path forward would be to market a 2nd TV for the lounge.

As an enthusiast, I have in the past, setup a 27” monitor next to my TV to play Forza on during the V8 Supercars ad breaks. Think of something like Bathurst. An incredibly long race, that you may want to monitor, rather than active engage with for the entire race. Having two TV’s would allow for this kind of experience.

You may be thinking that Picture-in-picture could be a much cheaper option, in reality, we’ve had PIP on TV’s for years now and nobody uses it. Why ? First of all the window is to small to be practical, second of all, most only support PIP using an AV source, HDMI, or modern sources are out of luck.

So what do you think ? Would you consider a second TV in the lounge room ? Maybe other possibilities like watching social streams on the second display. Get creative in the comments guys!

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Jason Cartwright
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