Does your apartment building come with EVs? This one does.

Melbourne’s EQ Tower is a is home to 633 apartments and 212 parking spots. The residents now have 2 special car parks that offer 2 electric vehicles which they can leverage anytime they’re available.

Thanks to a partnership that includes Ohmie, electric infrastructure company Jet Charge and Hyundai Australia, two brand new Hyundai Kona Electric vehicles are available to share between residents. These small SUVs have an impressive range of more than 400km, making them a great vehicle to get around the city or on a road trip.

Exclusively available for use by EQ Tower tenants, the cars are available for use per hour, or by the day, as part of a new vehicle sharing platform called Ohmie Go.

Vehicle sharing works by downloading the Android or iOS app for Ohmie, then booking the available time you want the car. When it’s time to drive, go to the car and use the app to unlock or via an NFC tag.

Leveraging IoT energy expertise, Ohmie is providing electric mobility solutions to urban residents with an exclusive fleet of electric cars dedicated to each building.

“​Personal mobility is undergoing the most significant shift since the invention of the car, including entirely new ownership models, multi-modal transportation methods and eventually vehicles that drive themselves.

By deepening ties between buildings and mobility there is an opportunity for property owners and operators to deliver increased amenities, reduce costs and significantly improve the sustainability rating of the building.​”

Kyle Bolto, CEO of Ohmie

It is expected that you’ll return the vehicle to the park and connect the charging cable, ready for the next user. Ohmie does not charge for distance or fuel, just the length of time you have the vehicle (no you can’t book it all year).

This car-sharing service is fully managed and installed by Ohmie GO who has ambitious plans to sign more developers across Australia.

“​We’re excited to be partnering with Ohmie GO for the launch of Australia’s first residential car-sharing service, and to provide EQ Tower residents access to long-range, eco-friendly electrified driving with our stylish new Kona Electric SUV.​

​It is Hyundai’s intention to establish leadership for eco-cars in Australia, and we are inspired by Ohmie GO’s equally ambitious plans to offer​ convenient and cost-effective mobility solutions across ​the country.​”

Hyundai Motor Company Australia CEO, JW Lee

Hyundai Motor Company Australia CEO, JW Lee said.

“​We have been waiting for years to team up with a company that recognises EVs as being both a mobility and energy asset. In Ohmie and Kyle’s team, we have found that company.

They share our vision of offering a leading car-sharing business using 100% electric vehicles and also using the same vehicles to support our electricity grid, maximising that vehicle’s utilisation. We are super excited to be launching this world-class service with Ohmie Go, Hyundai, and ICD Property​”

Tim Washington, Founder of JET charge

Let us know what you think of the idea, would you like to see it added to your apartment building? It definitely feels like a great solution as long as the vehicle gets connected to the charge and is ready for the next customer.

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