Dominos commits to roll out Pizza checker AI to every store in the country.

Dominos is relentless in its use of technology to improve their service to customers, something that should be applauded. The latest in a long line of innovations is a live pizza checker powered by AI. At the company’s AGM in Brisbane this week, CEO and MD Don Meij announced the new system which is designed ensure the quality of their product, resulting in a better customer experience.

The system is positioned over the cutting desk, something every pizza visits during the pizza-making in the process. The system works by capturing a photo and thermal data of the latest pizza from the oven, then AI takes over to compare 5 key elements of the pizza:

  • Pizza Type
  • Correct Toppings
  • Topping Distribution
  • Crust Type
  • Temperature

The Artificial Intelligence in the form of computer vision compares the image captured with a large dataset of correct pizzas, remembering the Dominos menu, with all available toppings is a large one. The computer algorithms then make an assessment of the pizza compared to the correct models and determines a ranking. Assuming the employees are following their script the outcome should be a positive one everytime, but anyone who’s seen the 2016 movie, ‘The Founder‘ will understand quality control in a franchise model is an incredibly difficult thing to guarentee because, well, people are people.

As a customer, when you order from the Dominos mobile phone app, you actually receive the photo of your pizza. That’s confidence in your product, when you give the customer photographic evidence of it. Wonder how prepared other fast food outlets would be to compare burgers to their menu glamour shots.

Its one thing to make an announcement like this, throw them in a couple of stores for a positive technology press cycle, so I reached out to Dominos for comment on their rollout plans and they’re bloody serious about this, committing to rolling these out to every Australian store.

Dominos have a technology partner, Dragontail Systems to make all this happen. The two companies have signed an exclusive agreement, so don’t expect this from competitors.

Meij says,

“We strive for pizza perfection so when we hear our customers say their pizza wasn’t topped correctly or it was burnt we worked hard to deliver a technology solution to help team solve an everyday problem.

With all the best intent, we know that while our stores strive for only the best in execution, the reality of a busy store can mean pizzas go out from time to time below the high standards we set ourselves and the quality our customers deserve.

Pizza Checker helps team members hand make pizzas correctly every time – cooked and cut to perfection, correctly topped with only the highest quality, freshest ingredients consistently.

We will look to roll this out in other markets, and have the exclusive global rights to do so under a 12-month agreement, with the ability to extend this exclusivity in our markets.”


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