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Facebook finally got around to releasing a Windows 8 app. There’s little coincidence in the launch occurring at the same time Windows 8.1 is released. While there’s no official confirmation, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that Microsoft tapped Facebook on the shoulder (read: turned up with a wheel barrow of cash) and said it’s time. The good news is that the Facebook app for Windows 8 free and supports x86, x64 and ARM processors meaning its available on all Windows 8 machines.

Sure this is a dedicated app, but it doesn’t feel like Facebook put much thought into the UI, instead largely copying their website. It wouldn’t surprise me if they took a lot of their HTML5 code, wrapped it in the Win8 APIs and packaged it up as an app. This is good in a way, as it still leaves room for 3rd party developers to be innovating about how they deliver the largest social network on the planet to millions of desktops.

The download is getting smashed, so it will take some time to download, despite its 11.1MB size. If at first you don’t succeed, snap the install and go about your day.

Download the Facebook app on Windows 8 here.

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