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Drippler has just launched. Drippler is a service that provides users with personalized updates on the gadgets they love. With new updates shipping all the time, particularly in mobile, its often difficult to stay abreast of the latest gadget updates, news & rumours, tips & tricks, firmware & software updates, apps & games, accessories, and more.

The last few months over at Drippler have been exciting ones, with more than 10K registrations, 100K unique visitors per month, and 180K downloads of the Android app. Drippler’s primary categories include Cell Phones, Tablets, Game Consoles, eReaders, and MP3 Players.


You may be thinking the site has a similar to US site GDGT, so I put the question ‘how does Drippler differ’ to Co-Founder and CEO Matan Talmi.

“Drippler is based on automatic curation of content from leading sites across the web, and does not rely only on user generated content. This way we make sure our users never miss any important updates on their gadgets. Another thing is that we keep the users updated without them having to browse the site – besides the “My Drips” personalized page, all users receive a weekly newsletter with the top drips (updates) on their gadgets, which is custom tailored to each and every user” says Talmi.

The selection of initial gadgets is pretty decent, although the most indulgent geeks may have to wait for some of their favourites to be added. Remember, there are millions of current and past devices, so Drippler has their work ahead of them. If it’s a choice between using Drippler, or hunting all over the web for updates about your gadgets then I’d go for Drippler.


An example of the news related to a gadget you own.

More infor @ Drippler.com

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