DTM concept for the future shows robots changing tyres and batteries on 350km/hr EVs. Wow!

DTM is the international touring-car series that sees premium-car manufacturers like Audi, BMW and Aston Martin compete for the top step. Like most racing categories, they’re facing the dramatic challenge of what their sport looks like in the future.

With the world switching to electric power trains, DTM promoter ITR have produced a futuristic concept video for an all-electric touring car series. Interestingly they open the door to not just battery-electric, but also hydrogen fuel cell technology.

The video is definitely worth a watch as it has some really crazy specs for the cars. One example of the craziness is the F1-level speed at 350km/hr and performance of up to 1000bhp.

Things aren’t just exciting on the track, but also in the pits. The video shows the potential for automated wheel changes during pit-stops, and even automated battery swaps from massive robot arms. If you’re in a pit crew right now, that’d make you pretty nervous. I guess the theory is that it’d be safer than human-powered pit stops and the team element of racing would switch to focus on how well you can optimise the programming for the robots.

The whole thing is next level crazy, but if they get anywhere close, it’d leave our touring car series – Supercars, looking a lot less super.

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