Duke Nukem Forever, finally available. First impressions.

Duke Nukem Forever cover case

It’s finally here. Duke Nukem Forever has finally arrived! It took more than 12 years to development and enjoyed a particularly troubled development path. Back in 1996, the 15 year old version of me, loved the hell out of Duke Nukem 3D and spent a ridiculous amount of time, in what was for its time, a really advanced level editor. Naturally expectations for this game are sky high and pretty much impossible to live up to.

Duke Nukem Forever went on sale in Australia today, so naturally I had to see if it kicked your momma’s ass!

 Duke Nukem Forever

Out of the box, there’s a zero-day update, no idea what it fixes, but its mandatory. Once you launch the game, you’ll face an agonisingly long intro sequence. Load times for each level are lengthy to say the least, which would be fine if the game featured stunning visuals, sadly it does not. It’s hard to tell what year the developers settled on a gaming engine, but the end result is fairly unimpressive graphics.

Fans of the Duke series, don’t fret, his balls to the wall, anti-modest personality is still front and centre. This game is rated M15+ and some of the early suggestive content, we’re lucky those government authorities didn’t ban it. Duke Nukem Forever is available on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 and along with the first person story-line, there’s an online multiplayer mode for 2-8.

Regardless of my early complaints, congrats has to go to Borderlands developers, Gearbox software and publishers 2K Games who were able to actually get a product to market.

Duke Nukem ForeverDuke Nukem Forever

More information about Duke Nukem Forever available @ http://www.dukenukem.com/

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