E-bike subsciption service Zoomo launches new routes for Aussie commuters

Australian startup, Zoomo, has launched a new e-bike subscription, offering commuters a more safe, affordable and sustainable way to travel. 

Unlike other bike-share models, Zoomo enables commuters to rent and keep their very own e-bike, while still having access to regular maintenance by qualified mechanics, roadside assistance and insurance.

Zoomo’s smart e-bikes are also equipped with the latest technology including electronic locks, GPS tracking, fast-charging batteries, in-built alarm systems and more. 

While Aussies have been embracing and adopting more sustainable ways to commute, the majority of e-bikes currently available can cost many thousands of dollars, which is a significant investment for a lot of people during the middle of a pandemic.  

Zoomo’s new subscription model lowers the barrier to entry for those seeking an affordable travel alternative.

The prices start at $29 per week to rent, which is often cheaper than the average metro spend on weekly public transport of around $40+ per week. For those who are considering ditching the car and going for a cleaner, greener commute, this offers a significant saving on vehicle costs of around $280+ per week.

As part of this launch, Zoomo is also offering the first month for free for the first 100 subscribers. 

As Australians become increasingly critical of their own environmental impact, e-bikes are becoming a prevalent alternative to cars and public transport. In fact, e-bikes only emit 22g of CO2 per km, which is less than one-tenth of a car’s worth of CO2 per km (271g). 

“After building the bikes that couriers trust for many years, we are excited to offer the same level of reliability, accessibility and affordability to everyday Australians.

We truly believe that a safe and secure mode of transportation should be accessible to anyone, especially as COVID-19 is still deterring many people from using public transport. Our new consumer subscription makes it easier than ever for Aussies to travel to work or to the local cafe safely without breaking the bank — or a sweat — as we head into summer, the ideal months for cycling.

E-bikes are the future of mobility. With Australian’s changing travel habits, we’ll soon be seeing more light electric vehicles on the roads than cars. We are proud to be taking the lead in this transformation.

said Mina Nada, CEO and Co-founder of Zoomo. 

Australia’s largest office landlord, Dexus, jumps on board

Motivated to help its customers and people return to work safely, Australia’s largest office landlord, Dexus, has partnered with Zoomo to trial a COVID-safe commute option for people working from Australia Square, Gateway and One Margaret Street in Sydney.

As part of the trial, Zoomo is offering discounts on e-bike rentals and outright purchases, as well as unlimited servicing.

“The Zoomo trial aligns with our priority to support the health and wellbeing of our people and customers.

There has been a growing demand for alternative travel options and these e-bikes provide a safe and cost-effective way of commuting to and from the office.”

Dexus’s Head of Office – Property and Asset Management, Lorraine Lee

The offer is supported by Dexus’s extensive network of bike storage and change room facilities in their buildings in the Sydney CBD.

Available in its NSW, Victoria and Queensland stores and online via home delivery, Aussies will have the ability to choose the bike model and accessories that suit their specific travel needs. 

For more information on the new consumer offering, visit the Zoomo website

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    • Don’t forget, the advantage of a subscription service is that you may not use it every month of the year. Clearly there’ll be a tipping point where it does make sense financially to just buy an e-bike outright. For the more casual use, a couple of months of the year (perhaps a few over summer), then this may work for some customers.

      • Don’t forget about maintenance costs which are included in the subscription. One broken spoke and you’re out $300. Bike mechanics charge $150/hour and charge 10x cost for parts. These guys replace your bike for you while it gets fixed which is basically insurance.

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