E3 Gaming Expo wrap-up – Sony (PlayStation 3)

Sony’s Press Conference was much less about system updates and more about the games on the way. The exception to that was the addition of a video store, still...

Sony’s Press Conference was much less about system updates and more about the games on the way.

The exception to that was the addition of a video store, still waiting to have it confirmed if Australia will see the video store on the PlayStation Network.

Console update
The 40GB version will be discontinued in favour of a larger 80 GB model for US $399.99. There’s still some active discussion around wether Australians will see the newer model.


MAD – 256 players
This game presents one of the biggest technological challenges ever in gaming. Presenting a single environment that doesn’t only contain a massive number, but an insane 256 characters at once, online.

It’s very early days, but if they can pull of this, it’ll be an awesome achievement. There was a lot of FMV shown, so I think it’ll be well into 2009 before we see this title released.

Little Big Planet
The very unique, very cute Little Big Planet is certainly a game with a difference. Don’t know too much about this game, but I’m looking foward to it’s release.

Little Big Plannet

Motorstorm 2
The follow up to the launch title Motorstorm, as to be expected by a game with a trailing 2, then

Resident Evil 5
Videos of this game looks stunning. Despite the amazing graphics of both characters and environments, the shooting system looks terrible and almost unplayable. It appears an auto-targeting system doesn’t exist.

This was the smash hit from 2007 on the Xbox 360, I really think Sony missed the interest curve on this one.

Grand Turismo TV
Personally I’m excited about the new additions to Grand Turismo TV. The very popular Top Gear and many other SD and HD videos from racing events, to behind the scenes in factories and test tracks, will soon be added and available through GT5: Prologue’s GTTV.

The message from Sony was very much clear, they’re strategy is long term, and the best is still very much yet to come. Good in theory, except they’re competition is moving and moving quickly right now.

I’m still really excited about Home and the potential that offers. It’ll be very interesting to see Home go up against the newly announced Xbox 360 social and community additions.


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